Wave Dining Table By Manulution

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      Crafted in solid European wood, the design for this undulating table was inspired by the flow of Bosnia-Herzegovina's Neretva River after an autumn torrent. The hand carved flowers on the top hide built-in storage compartments, perfect for holding candles, spice shakers, munchies and everything else you'd like on-hand but out of sight. The Wave Dining Table accommodates 8 people.

      The table is part of the Wave Collection (includes Wave Dining Chair, Wave Lounge Chair and Wave Cabinet), designed by Salih Teskeredzic, the best known Bosnian designer and one with the largest number of prestigious international design awards.

      Manulution buys walnut and cherry logs from private orchards throughout Bosnia. These are trunks of old trees, which are cut when their productive life of fruit bearing is over and need to be replaced by new ones. They are bought directly from villagers, often in very small quantities, whenever it is offered. Other hardwoods (i.e. maple, oak, elm, and ash) are sourced from public forestry companies, the management of which has vastly improved in recent years. The forest certification process has started and several forests are FSC certified. There is also concrete evidence that forests are exploited sustainably. A recent forestry inventory (financed and supported by the World Bank) has shown that Bosnia's forest volume has increased significantly since the last inventory was conducted in 1960s. In fact, the study indicated that Bosnia, ostensibly, has more trees per capita than any country in Europe or Central Asia.
    • Dining Tables,Manulution
      Materials: Solid wood.
      Specifications: (inches) 29.5h x 90.5w 39.5d
      SKU: RNM256Ww
      Catalog ID: 83850
    • Maple ships in 2-3 days, all other options ship in 12-14 weeks.

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